By aturner


Here is my most recent combustion spudgun

Side views...


This cannon is fairly large, with a volume of about 260 cubic inches.

The grey box is just something I picked up in the electrical section of a hardware store. The box holds a battery and toggle switch used to power the chamber fan. This box is mounted to the side of the chamber by two bolts that cannot be seen from the outside of the launcher. These mounting bolts are also wired up to form part of the spark system, so they serve a dual purpose.


Here are a bunch of photos showing the launcher and a pair of barrels. I took these to compare the length of the breech portions of the barrels. Notice how the white barrel extends past what would normally be the end of the chamber and into a chamber extension. This makes it much easier to load spuds and vent the chamber.







In the photos you'll notice almost no visible wires on the outside of the launcher. Instead, I used coat hanger wire insider the chamber and bent it to follow the inner curves of the chamber.

Finally, here I am holding the launcher with the shorter barrel...

Finally, notice the quick disconnect fitting on the chamber extension. I use it to inject metered propane into this cannon. Here are two reference photos of the detachable meter...